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92mm NF-B9 1600RPM Fan

Buy 92mm NF-B9 1600RPM Fan
In stock now
Save 15.85%
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Designed in Austria, Noctua's premium cooling solutions are internationally renowned for their low noise, exceptional performance and outstanding quality. Having received more than one thousand awards and recommendations from leading hardware websites and magazines, Noctua is the most acclaimed manufacturer of premium quality quiet cooling solutions and the number one choice for silent, high performance PC builds.

The NF-B9's highly optimised blade design achieves an exceptional level of airflow and static pressure that most other fans can only reach at much higher speeds. With bevelled blade tips, vortex control notches, the SCD drive system and Noctua's premium grade SSO bearing, the NF-B9 achieves exceptional quietness and long term stability.


* Manufacturers model code: NF-B9.
* Market orientation: Quiet PC, cooling enthusiasts & overclockers.
* RPM: 1600.
* CFM: 37.8.
* dBA: 17.6.
* Fan width: 92mm.
* Fan depth: 25mm.
* Bearing type: SSO (Self Stabilising Oil).
* Connector: 3Pin.
* Warranty: 6 years.

Do you want to know more? Check out Noctua's product introduction page, detailed specifications, infosheet & product FAQ.

0.4000 kg
0.23 m x 0.17 m x 0.04 m
our price: $24.40
RRP: $29.00
You save: 15.85%
In Stock

Dispatched within 24 hours

Out of stock


This product is unfortunately not possible to bundle with our usual $5.95 flat rate shipping and will be shipped with a separately calculated shipping cost.

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