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Face Off / Snake Eyes

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FACE OFF: Sean Archer (Travolta) has been chasing Castor Troy (Cage) to avenge his son's death by the hands of the psychotic terrorist for six years. Now that he killed Castor, Sean must find a biological bomb by assuming the identity of Castor Troy by taking his face and being brought in prison. But Troy, who awakes from his coma, takes Archer's face in order to take revenge on him. Now, Troy turns Archer's life upside down by assuming his identity. Will Archer break free from his prison and get his face back, or will Troy have the last laugh?
SNAKE EYES: An explosive highly entertaining action thriller, Snake Eyes teams hot Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage with big-screen favourite Gary Sinise. Cage is an Atlantic City cop who, along with an arena full of spectators at a championship prize-fight, is eyewitness to a political assassination! Determined to quickly solve the crime, he immediately launches an intensive investigation... then learns that a search of answers will only uncover yet more questions in an ever-widening web of conspiracy, intrigue and danger! Master director Brian De Palma (Mission: Impossible, The Untouchables) has combined riveting mystery with heart-stopping excitement to create a suspense filled hit you dont want to miss!

Special Features

Theatrical Trailers
Cast Biographies

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