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Bed of Roses: Season 3

Buy Bed of Roses: Season 3
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In Series Three of Bed of Roses, Rainbow's End is about to get a whole lot more colourful.

Love is most definitely in the air, three generations of it! Love found, as the long term friendship between Louisa (Kerry Armstrong) and Nick (Jay Laga'aia) blossoms into something more. There's love lost, as Minna (Julia Blake) struggles with overcoming grief and faces the challenge of learning to reinvent her life. And there's the passion and turmoil of young love as Holly and Sean are forced to deal with betrayal and forgiveness.

The strength of the friendships between the key characters in Bed of Roses is once again a potent force. Marg and Deb are steadfast in their support, with a steady stream of chatter, laughter and now that Marg is the licensee of the local pub, champagne!

Weddings, births, new businesses and new relationships provide some of the uplifting moments to Series Three, but there are also unexpected deaths, monumental betrayals, doubts, secrets from the past, and a dramatic bushfire.

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RRP: $39.95
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