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Danielle Steel's Message From Nam

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In this compelling feature length movie from bestselling author Danielle Steel, Paxton Andrews, a young idealistic woman, faces love, loss and the harsh realities of war. Thrown into the radical 1960s campus life at Berkley, she believes she has founda true soul mate in a bright, idealistic law student named Peter. But when fate gets him drafted and killled in Vietnam, grief motivates Paxton to become a war correspondent for a San Fransico newspaper. In a career move that will eventually change her life, her attitudes, and her future she is transferred to Saigon.
Reporting on the truths and tragedies of war through first-hand experiences, her column Message from Nam becomes an enormous success in America. But her personal relationships, including a passionate affair with an army captain, continue to suffer the casualties of combat. From front line fighting to the moral battle within her heart, Paxton uses hope and determination to survive the fall of Saigon.

Release date:
our price: $13.30
RRP: $14.95
You save: 11.05%
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