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Recommended Repair Centers

GAMEHEAD recommend the following repair centres

Company Name: Gametronix, a division of Xroads Marketing
Address: National identity (please contact our local dealers) - see below
National Telephone: 0500 882 580
National Fax: 0500 884 737
ABN: 52 599 755 500

Xroads Marketing (Gametronix) specializes in console repairs and upgrades. The repairs we do at a competitive rate and usually within a 10 day period - including freight time if an item is sent to us for repair. The upgrades we do on consoles primarily allows users to use backup copies of their games, leaving their original copy in a safe place away from possible damage.

Why use us to repair or upgrade your console?

First and most importantly we give a LIFETIME MODIFICATION WARRANTY! And our hard drives (xbox) are ALL warranted regardless of size. On-Site modification has been very popular and is now available in all states (metro areas). To keep our valued new and old customers up to date, our technical development team works continually on the ever changing console hardware and software environment. Keeping on the leading edge of the development wave, allows us not only to be a market leader, but also (and somewhat more importantly) to keep you our customers up to date with ALL the new current and ground breaking advancements that are now so rightfully expected by all those console gamers out there. Our quality modification requires leading edge technical prowess and plenty of painstaking regular development. We believe this along with our warranty & service is why we deserve your business.

National locations:


  1. Queensland Email Contacts
  2. New South Wales Email Contacts
  3. Victoria Email Contacts
  4. South Australia Email Contacts
  5. New Zealand Email Contacts
  6. Tasmania Email Contacts
  7. Northern Territory Email Contacts
  8. Western Australia Email Contacts

* Under no circumstances will GAMEHEAD.COM.AU PTY LIMITED be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damages or loss of profits whatsoever which result from any use of any of the above mentioned repair centres (Centres). You expressly acknowledge and agree that GAMEHEAD.COM.AU PTY LIMITED is not liable either for the Centre opinions or behaviour including any information and/or advice, agreements or claims that may result.

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